Terms & Conditions - Equipment Hire

These terms and conditions explain your rights and responsibilities and also ours. “You” means the client or hirer as named in the contract and “We” or “Us” means Urban Rhythmics.

1. The contract is made between Urban Rhythmics and the hirer as named on the booking form.

2. By signing the contract you declare that you are at least eighteen years of age and are legally entitled to enter into this agreement on your own behalf or if entering into this agreement on behalf of a company or organisation that you have full authority to do so.

3. By providing the information required on the booking form and paying the deposit you are agreeing to all our terms and conditions of hire.

4. We will setup and configure all equipment on hire to you and also provide you with basic training on how to operate the equipment. We will also take down and remove all equipment at the end of the hire period.

5. You should only use the equipment as per your basic training. There should be no reason to touch or tamper with any other equipment or cables as doing so may cause the installation to become unsafe and may cause damage to the equipment and the surroundings.

6. Under no circumstances should you attempt to perform any maintenance work on our equipment, nor should you touch, tamper or modify the equipment in its installed state unless specifically instructed to do so by us.

7. It is your responsibility to ensure music and speech volume levels are kept within the capabilities of the sound system. All of our amplifiers incorporate a “clipping” indicator in the form of one or more red LEDs on the face of the amplifier. Should these clipping indicators become illuminated you will reduce the sound input level immediately via the mixer or other pre-amp device, (not by the controls on the face of the amplifier) until the clipping indicators have fully switched off. We will not be held accountable should you suffer a loss of sound output due to over-running any amplifiers or loudspeakers. As such, you are liable for the full replacement cost of any amplifier or loudspeaker that has been electrically damaged through improper use.

8. Follow correct start-up and shut-down procedures when operating a power amplifier. Where venues employ a sound limited power cut-out device you will keep the sound system volume within the limit prescribed by the device to avoid any sudden loss of mains power to the amplifier.

9. Observe local rules and fire procedures when using a smoke machine.

10. Drinking, eating or smoking is not permitted while using the equipment. Likewise, food and drink should not be placed on or near any of the equipment. Should the equipment become damaged or soiled you will be charged for cleaning and/or repair.

11. The equipment you are hiring is capable of producing extreme levels of noise, intense flashing light and dense smoke/haze which may be unsuitable for persons sensitive to these. You will undertake to inform your guests and third parties of the potential risks and take appropriate measures where necessary to ensure the equipment does not impede the comfort or safety of those who may be affected. We accept no responsibility whatsoever in this regard.

12. Every effort will be made to ensure that all equipment hired is in good working order and safely setup before handing control over to you. We reserve the right to substitute equipment and make changes to an installation as we see fit, without notice and bearing no additional charges to either party.

13. Should an item of equipment breakdown during the hire period through no fault of the hirer, guests of the hirer or third parties unrelated to Urban Rhythmics, we will endeavour to fix or replace the item as soon as reasonably possible. We shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage, whether financial or otherwise, arising there from, nor shall we be liable to pay you compensation of any sort. Should a lighting fixture or bulb fail during the hire period we are not required to replace the fixture or bulb unless there is a multiple failure amounting to more than 30% of the total number of hired lighting fixtures.

14. We reserve the right to inspect all hired equipment at any time during the hire period.

15. You will undertake either to insure the equipment for the full replacement value at your own expense, or to accept full personal responsibility for the equipment when under your control. Whether insured or not, you are responsible for the full replacement cost of all the equipment on hire, including all cables, spares and accessories. A valuation is available on request.

16. We reserve the right to charge for repair, cleaning or replacement of any equipment damaged, soiled, lost, confiscated or stolen, howsoever arising, during the period of hire. We also reserve the right to charge you the full Urban Rhythmics rental value for every day that the equipment is as such unavailable for use. Your liability is for the full replacement value of the equipment including cables, and also for any losses we incur as a result of the equipment being unavailable for service.

17. You agree to pay us a security deposit of £200 at the start of the hire period which will be fully refunded to you at the end of the hire period providing the equipment has not been damaged, soiled or lost while in your care. In lieu of a security deposit, you agree that you have sufficient funds and will pay us an initial fee of £200 at the end of the hire period where the equipment has been lost, damaged or soiled, while in your care, no matter how severe. Any such charges incurred by us relating to cleaning, repairs, replacements or other losses will be invoiced to you, where possible, within 7 days after the hire period once a full assessment has been carried out. Both the hirer and Urban Rhythmics agree to settle the outstanding balance within 7 days of the production of the invoice. If the balance is not settled after 7 days then a late payment fee of £5 is due for every day that the balance remains unpaid.

18. In the unlikely event of us not being able to fulfil the booking we will make every reasonable effort to arrange a suitable alternative, however if this is not possible then all monies paid to us by you will be refunded, but this will be the limit of our liability in this regard.

19. All deposits paid to us to secure a booking are non-refundable. If cancellation is made within 14 days of the hire start date then the full hire fee will be due. By paying a deposit you are giving us permission to charge you with the full outstanding amount for the hire if you fail to cancel in writing 14 days prior to the date of the commencement of the hire. If cancellation is made 14 days or more before the hire start date then you will not receive a refund of the deposit you have paid, but that will be the limit of your liability.

20. Cooling off period - If having read our terms and conditions and within 24 hours of paying the deposit you wish to cancel, you may obtain a full refund. This condition does not apply if you make your booking within 14 days of the commencement of the hire period.