Arena Setup - Explained

With our Club Package, Full Light Package, DIY-DJ Full and DIY-DJ Extreme Packages we offer the option of the standard frontal display or an arena setup. The arena setup can sometimes be the better option depending on what the event is and the size of the venue.

Urban Rhythmics DIY-DJ Extreme

If the focus of the dancefloor is on the DJ or live band then the frontal display is best. This is comparable to raves or music festivals where the lights compliment the act on stage and the crowd are more like an audience.

If the focus of the event is to create a substantial dancefloor and an impressive venue then the arena setup is better. This is comparable to nightclubs where the lighting is setup to illuminate the dancefloor from all angles.

Below are some examples of the different arena setups we have to offer.

2 Rig Setup:

2 Rig Arena Diagram

The 2 rig setup is good for venues that have a central dancefloor that reaches from wall to wall. This is typical for weddings or balls where the seating and tables are usually located around the dancefloor.

3 Rig Setups:

3 Rig Arena Diagram

The 3 rig square setup can be ideal for long and narrow venues.

3 Rig Large Arena Diagram

Instead of using large rigs, we can use T-bars instead that take up less space and can be pushed into the far corners of the room.

3 Rig Open Arena Diagram

Some venues may benefit from placing all the lighting on one side. 

Below: An example of our Club Package being used in an arena setup using 2 lighting rigs.

Below: An example of our DIY-DJ Full package which uses 3 lighting rigs.

Packages that can be setup as an arena:

Extreme Discos Full Light Hire
DIY-DJ Full Hire DIY-DJ Extreme