Budget Disco Packages

Budget Disco Package
Our starter package, designed for those who want a bit of music and a couple of lights just to add some atmosphere to their party. Fits snuggly in the corner of a room and is quick to set-up and take down. Suitable for kids parties and small house parties, or can entertain a reception room to a bigger party.

Budget Plus Disco Package
As per our Budget Package but with much more intelligent lighting to create a more substantial and professional looking event. Fits snuggly in the corner of a room but is also significant enough to take centre stage. Suitable for small parties or meduim sized events where loud music is not essential.

Our Budget Packages consist of:

> 500Watt (RMS) 2 speaker sound system with MP3 mixer
> 2 DMX linked lights (6 with Budget Plus)
> Smoke machine

> Travel to any venue in:
   High Wycombe
   Any other UK venue will be subject to additional travel costs

Take a look at our Standard Packages.

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