Frequently Asked Questions

What are DMX lights?
DMX (short for Digital Multiplex) is a universal system originally intended to control the dimming levels of theatre lighting. Today it is commonly used at concerts, nightclubs and even mobile discos to control not just lighting but also effects such as fog. A DMX light has digital circuit built in that can receive a signal from a controller or another light, and then change colour, shape, position, speed, etc as requested by that signal. A data cable goes into and out of each light and then back to the main controller. The end result is that all the lights can move and change colour in a coordinated manner to create impressive shows that normal disco lights are unable to achieve.

What is RMS?
RMS stands for Root Mean Square and is a mathematical way to calculate the magnitude of a varying quantity. In terms of quoting power figures for sound systems, this is the most important one to know as it gives the best indication of how the system will perform across ALL sound frequencies. Many companies will quote the peak power of their sound systems instead as this is often double the RMS power if not more. While the peak power may look impressively high it only applies to ONE single sound frequency and therefore is misrepresentative of the whole system.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes. We have a £10million liability policy through our AMPdj membership. You can verify our certificate by clicking the button below. Please note this policy does not cover anyone hiring our equipment.
Check if this DJ has current & valid Public Liability Insurance with The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs

Do you have a PAT certificate?
Yes. All of our equipment is regularly tested for electrical safety and we use 30mA RCD plugs on our installations for additional protection.

Can I hire out the lights and sound system just on its own?
Yes, see our D.I.Y. DJ Equipment Hire Packages.

We have our own equipment, can we just hire a DJ?
Yes. We have a number of associate DJs who specialise in certain genres as well as our own DJs who play anything and everything. Give us a call to see what we can offer you.

We just want lights, can you provide this?
Yes, we can provide just the lighting on its own. We can either supply you with some simple, stand-alone disco lights, or we can provide intelligent light shows which is ideal for live shows and bands who want to add some extra atmosphere to their performance. We can provide multiple, fully customised DMX controlled lighting rigs with a light technician who will set-up and run the light show for the event. Please note that we do not hire out any DMX lighting without the full-time presence of a light technician. See our light hire section for more information.

How much is it to hire you for less than 2 hours?
It is the same price as hiring us for 2 hours, this is to ensure we can cover all our costs.

How much is it to hire you for more than 7 hours?
For full day events or multi-day events it's best to call us so we can arrange a suitable deal for your requirements.

How much time do you need to set up?
This depends on the type of event. For small events the setup times are around half an hour, for medium sized events the times can be around an hour. For large events, festivals, balls, etc, we can setup in 90 minutes, although if it's possible we like to arrive in plenty of time to allow us to calibrate the lights, fully test the system and take care of the finer details like ensuring every cable is as invisible as it can be.

How many power sockets do you need?
This depends on the type of setup and any extras that you may have chosen. Our basic setup only requires 1 socket whereas our larger setups can require as many as 4 direct power sockets within 5 metres of our performing location. In all cases these should be direct wall sockets, not one extension lead with multiple sockets. We will let you know at the time of booking how many are required. We have plenty of extension leads to power all of our equipment.

Can we hire the equipment overnight and does this count as 2 days hire?
Our hire packages are based on a 24 hour period and we are happy to collect the following day if you'd prefer to keep the equipment all night. We are usually able to collect at any hour so it's not an issue if you need the equipment collecting in the middle of the night, providing the times are agreed in advance of course! So to answer the question, a hire from say 10am on a Saturday until 10am on a Sunday would count as 1 day hire. 

Can you provide for outdoor events?
Yes, however our equipment is not waterproof so it will be subject to weather conditions and/or adequate shelter. Please call us for more information on our Outdoor Event Policy.

Can you provide shelter/gazebos/marquees?
Yes, contact our trading partners Marlow Marquees Ltd who will be more than happy to help you with your request. Click here to go to their website or call 01494 813353.

What's the difference between the 240W, 600W, 1,300W and 3,400W sound systems?
As you jump up the power scale, our systems also become more sophisticated offering better sound clarity and bass response. The 240W and 600W systems comprise of 2 speakers whereas the 1,300W and 3,400W systems include 2 subwoofers and 2 top speakers pole mounted above head height so that everyone on the dancefloor gets a clear, direct sound.

Which sound system should I choose for my event?
OK, in a nutshell:
240W - Background music, speeches, house parties for grown-ups!
600W - Hall parties for grown-ups, house parties for teens and twenties.
1,300W - Hall parties for teens and twenties, busy dancefloors.
3,400W - Balls, proms, small music festivals, club like events and anyone looking for ultimate power and clarity.

Can I plug my CD Player / Tape Player / Home Stereo into your sound system?
Most likely. Any electronic device with an audio out socket should be able to plug into our sound system using the correct cables and adaptors. Call us to discuss your requirements.