Party Marquee

Party Marquee

We've teamed up with the guys at Marlow Marquees to bring you this fantastic product! Starting at £600 you get a 6m x 6m fully lined marquee with disco lights and a sound system all neatly built in to the structure with no unsightly cables or tripod stands taking up valuable floor space! Play music straight from your laptop/iPod/phone or hire one of our DJs if you prefer. We also offer a completely bespoke service so should you require a unique shape or size marquee, tables, chairs, flooring, stages, decorations, caterers, portable loos, mobile bars, special effects and more, then we can tailor the package spot on to your liking. Fully delivered, setup and ready to go!


below: example setup with uplighting, laser & DJ booth
Party Marquee

6m x 9m Marquee

Contents (minimum):
> 6m x 6m Marquee
> White internal lining, roof and walls
> Floor matting
> 2 x 120W speaker sound system
> 2 X Twin LED moonflower light effects
> 4 X LED colour wash lights
> Cables, Power Sockets (for your laptop/iPod), & Tuition

Optional Extras (Lighting):
£10 - LED uplighter
£10 - 60W strobe light
£10 - 100W UV flourescent wash
£20 - Mirrorball with 2 x LED pinspots
£20 - 1.5kW strobe light
£30 - Club-standard green laser (100mW)
£40 - DJ booth with LED matrix starcloth
£60 - Club-standard colour laser (530mW)
£90 - Starlit roof with black out walls (6m x 6m)

Optional Extras (Audio):
£5 - Mic Stand
£5 - Laptop Stand

£5 - Shure PG48 Microphone
£10 - Shure SM58 Microphone
£20 - 2 x Gemini Radio Microphones
£30 - Sennheiser ew500 Radio Microphone

£20 - Mackie PPM1008 8 Channel Powered Mixer
£15 - Pioneer DJM250 3 Channel Mixer
£25 - Pioneer DJM600 5 Channel Mixer
£30 - Pioneer DJM700 5 Channel Mixer
£50 - Pioneer DJM800 5 Channel Mixer
£50 - Allen & Heath Xone:92 6 Channel Mixer
£65 - Pioneer DJM900 5 Channel Mixer
£80 - Pioneer DJM2000 5 Channel Mixer

£50 - 2 x CD/USB Decks (Numark NDX400) with Pioneer DJM250 Mixer
£20 - Gemini PT2000 Mk2 Direct Drive Turntable
£35 - Technics SL1200 Direct Drive Turntable
£40 - Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk2 CD Player
£55 - Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3 CD Player
£75 - Pioneer CDJ2000 CD Player
£80 - Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD Player

SPEAKERS (Powered)
£40 - 1,000W RMS QSC K12 12" Monitor/Top Speaker
£50 - 700W RMS Yamaha DXR15 15" Monitor/Top Speaker
£75 - 900W RMS Mackie HD1531 15" Full Range Speaker

£50 - 800W RMS Mackie HD1801 18" Subwoofer
£70 - 1,000W RMS QSC KLA181 18" Subwoofer

Optional Extras (Furniture):
Chair Covers
Drinks Bars
(For more items and options please get in contact and we can send you a full list)

Optional Extras (Marquee):
£20 - DJ booth with black curtain surround
Upgrade to 6m x 9m
Upgrade to 9m x 9m
Upgrade to 6m x 12m
Wooden flooring
Dance floors

For other marquee sizes please get in contact and we'll happily provide a quote.

For most venues in High Wycombe & Beaconsfield the delivery is included in the price but check our delivery page to find out which delivery charge (below) matches your area.

A: Free     B: Free     C: £20     D: £40     E: £60     F: £80

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