Club Platinum

Club Platinum

Up to 3 hours = £500 | Up to 5 hours = £550 | Over 5 hours = +£50/h

Formerly known as "The Club Package" the Club Platinum package is designed for special events, or those just wanting to throw a massive party! A typical mobile disco would have the DJ, lights and speakers all in one corner; but, with the Club Platinum package we can transform the entire room by distributing the sound system and lighting around the venue giving your guests a great dancefloor experience from every angle. Not only this, but all of the lighting fixtures are cleverly controlled by one of our operators so that all the colours and effects are in harmony and compliment the music being played... as you would expect to find in a club venue!

There is no set layout for this package, we decide this with you in advance. As a minimum the package comes with a 3.6kW (rms) sound system including a pair of potent subwoofers, and also a minimum of 14 light fixtures that can either be mounted onto a single rig for an intense frontal light show (typical for raves and festivals) or they can be distributed over 2 or 3 additional rigs around the dancefloor (typical for club venues). The package can also be expanded to include additional light effects and sound system upgrades depending on your requirements. There is no better way to compliment those big club tunes than the intense light show of our Club Platinum package. Suitable for all large events, balls, festivals, raves, 18ths, 21sts, teenage parties, you name it!

Below: An example of our Club Platinum package with an LED parcan upgrade pack, split over 3 lighting rigs, and also a sound system upgrade.

Below: An example of our Club Platinum Package (frontal display) being used at an 18th Birthday Party.

Below: An example of our Club Platinum package (arena setup) being used in a marquee at a ball.




Below: Example of a frontal display setup
DIY Pro DJ Lights

Below: An example of the laser producing a tunnel effect
DIY Pro DJ Lights

Below: Uplighting can be incorporated into the DMX light show
DIY Pro DJ Lights

Below: A view from behind the DJ booth
DIY Pro DJ Lights

Below: Blinders are just one of the many effects available
DIY Pro DJ Lights

Below: Sound system upgrades are available, the sky is the limit!


Contents (minimum):
> 3.6kW Main Sound System inc. Subwoofers
> 8 X 250W DMX Linked Music Activated Scanners
> 2 X 1.3kW DMX Controlled Blinders
> 2 X 4 ft. Ultra Violet Strip Lights
> 100mW Club Standard Green Laser
> 1.5kW Strobe Light
> Smoke Machine
> DJ
> Light Show Operator

Optional Extras (Lighting):
£10 - LED Uplighter
£10 - 100W UV Flourescent Wash
£20 - LED Matrix DJ Booth Starcloth
£40 - LED Matrix Backdrop Starcloth
£20 - Mirrorball with 2 x LED pinspots
£30 - 530mW Colour Laser Upgrade
£70 - 2 x Colour Laser Upgrade

Optional Extras (Audio):
£35 - Additional 1000W 12" Monitor/Full Range QSC K12 Speaker
£45 - Additional 800W 18" Mackie HD1801 Subwoofer
£70 - Additional 1000W 18" QSC KLA181 Subwoofer
£320 - Upgrade to 8kW QSC KLA System (4 subs 4 tops)
£750 - Upgrade to 8kW L-Acoustics System (4 dvSub 4 ArcsII)

Optional Extras (Effects):

£10 - Spooky Smoke Machine Upgrade
£25 - Low-Level Fog (Dry Ice Effect)
£25 - Faux CO2 Cannon
£30 - Intense Bubble Machine
£55 - Confetti Cannon
£200 - CO2 Cannon (including gas)

For venues in and around the High Wycombe, Marlow & Beaconsfield areas delivery is included in the price. For areas further away a small delivery charge may apply so check our delivery page to see which delivery charge (below) matches your area.

A: Free     B: Free     C: Free     D: Free     E: £10     F: £30

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