Power P.A. Hire

Power PA Hire

At £140 this is a hefty 4 speaker sound system rated at 1,300Watts. Includes 2 subwoofers pumping out a massive 800Watts of pure bass, and 2 top speakers mounted at a height to project the sounds over the heads of any crowds. Also includes a 2 channel mixer as well as a microphone and an optional curtained booth to complete the look.

This system is very versatile; it can be used in large halls to comfortably entertain crowds of up to 300, it can be used to tannoy music and announcements to crowds in excess of 1000, or it can be used for smaller events where serious music volume is a must! You can play your own music through a simple and easy connection to our system. Laptops, iPods, iPhones, mp3 players, discmans or any other media player with an audio output socket can be connected. DJs with their own decks can also link up to the system.

Below: Package includes 2 channel DJ mixer & mic.
Mixer Headphones Mic
Below: £25 optional extra Pioneer DJM600 mixer

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Looking for something smaller?
Take a look at our Party P.A. Package

> 2 x 15" One-Way Subwoofers with built in crossovers, rated at 400W RMS
> 2 x 12" Two-Way Top Speakers mounted at high level, rated at 250W RMS
> 1400W 2 Channel Amp (each channel running at 700W RMS)
> 2 Channel DJ Mixer
> Wired Microphone
> Optional Curtained DJ Booth
> Cables, Power Sockets (for your laptop/iPod), & Tuition

Optional Extras (Audio):
£5 - Mic Stand
£5 - Laptop Stand

£5 - Shure PG48 Microphone
£10 - Shure SM58 Microphone
£20 - 2 x Gemini Radio Microphones
£30 - Sennheiser ew500 Radio Microphone

£20 - Mackie PPM1008 8 Channel Powered Mixer
£15 - Pioneer DJM250 3 Channel Mixer
£25 - Pioneer DJM600 5 Channel Mixer
£30 - Pioneer DJM700 5 Channel Mixer
£50 - Pioneer DJM800 5 Channel Mixer
£50 - Allen & Heath Xone:92 6 Channel Mixer
£65 - Pioneer DJM900 5 Channel Mixer
£80 - Pioneer DJM2000 5 Channel Mixer

£50 - 2 x CD/USB Decks (Numark NDX400) with Pioneer DJM250 Mixer
£35 - Technics SL1200 Direct Drive Turntable
£35 - Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk2 CD Player
£55 - Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3 CD Player
£70 - Pioneer CDJ2000 CD Player
£75 - Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD Player

SPEAKERS (Powered)
£25 - 400W RCF Art410A 10" Full Range Speaker
£35 - 1,000W QSC K12 12" Monitor/Top Speaker
£40 - 1,100W Yamaha DXR15 15" Monitor/Top Speaker

£45 - 800W RMS Mackie HD1801 18" Subwoofer
£70 - 1,000W RMS QSC KLA181 18" Subwoofer

For most venues in High Wycombe & Beaconsfield the delivery is included in the price but check our delivery page to find out which delivery charge (below) matches your area.

A: Free     B: Free     C: £10     D: £20     E: £30     F: £50

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