Uplighting Hire

Uplighting is an incredibly cost effective way to transform the ambiance of a lifeless room into a classy venue. It is a popular choice for weddings, balls, proms or other special occasions. Walls, ceilings, window bays or features like plants, statues or arches can be brought to life with the simple addition of some uplighting.

Our lights produce a wide angle, even spread wash of vibrant colours. Literally thousands of colours can be achieved through the colour mixing feature of each light, so whatever your colour scheme, we’ll have a shade to match it.

The lighting units themselves come in the form of a minimalistic style black cube so they look tidy and are easy on the eye. Not only do they use incredibly low power, they also run at a cool temperature giving off very little heat.

The number of lighting units required will depend on the shape and size of the venue. As a guide we generally suggest one unit for every 3 - 4 metres along a wall. A house party looking to give a room a bit of flare may only need 2 units whereas a hall or marquee may require 10 units.

Uplighting at Magnolia Park, High Wycombe

Uplighting Hire

The lights come with a user-friendly standalone controller giving you full control over the choice of colour and the behaviour of the lights (strobe, fade, sound active, etc). If however, they are an add-on to one of our discos or light displays, then we can control them to match the colour and tempo of the main light effects.

Uplighting Controller