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Have you ever been to a big club night and wanted to re-create the scene for your own event? Whether it was a drum n bass night at Fabric or a classy evening with Hed Kandi we're the guys for the job! - Welcome to the Clubbers Portal.

below: Audio Venom - one of our regular club nights in High Wycombe, see for more info.

below: Dappa Styles - A club night in Marlow that we provided the sound and lighting for back in 2012.

Urban Rhythmics was born from a pair of turntables over a decade ago and even to this day we still mix and blend only the very best upfront club anthems. This is our area of expertise and combined with our bass-crammed sound system and our outstanding DMX light shows it's what sets us apart from the countless number of cheesy or inexperienced disco companies.


Urban Rhythmics on Vinyl

To achieve that big club atmosphere at your event we will call on one (or more) of our talented DJ's who specialise in the music genres you require. We will also position and programme our lighting to suit the style of the atmosphere you are looking for.

Some examples:

Taking the examples as mentioned above, to recreate a Hed Kandi night we would use our resident DJ who specialises in Soulful and Funky House. We would split the lighting over 2 or 3 rigs to surround the dancefloor from all angles and we would program the lights to use vibrant and contrasting colours. For a little extra we would recommend using LED uplighting to create a more sophisticated looking venue.

To recreate a drum n bass night at Fabric we would call in our dnb and dubstep DJ. We would position all the lighting at the front of the venue and would maximise the smoke, laser and strobe lighting.

Our Club Platinum package is an all-in-one solution that can cater for every clubber's needs, but we always like to tweak things a little so our service matches your expectations. Our Clubbers Delight package is a scaled down version of the Club Platinum package, but for those on a small budget we suggest going for our No Fuss Disco and adding for example a strobe light and a laser. Call us, text us or email us for more information. Click here to go to our contact page.

Club Platinum

Clubbers Delight

To call Urban Rhythmics a mobile disco company is misleading...
we’re more like a portable nightclub!